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What is PhotoTherapy?

Insight Through Imagery  

PhotoTherapy is the use of photographs in a therapy session to connect people with their, often hidden, internal worlds. 

We use your personal snapshots and photo albums (paper or digital) to access deep parts of yourself and the often hidden messages you've received from your family and the many experiences of your life that still shape your life.

PhotoTherapy is the use of photos as
to cue memories, stimulate ideas and meaningful personal insights.

The Importance of Visual Imagery

  • From the moment we open our eyes as infants we start taking and cataloging pictures.The images are, at first, hazy and blended together.
  • As time goes on, countless images added to our visual memories and become a part of our identities and view of our worlds. ​
  • As infants we have no names or definitions for all that we see—but these early images become a key part of our history and our identity.
  • Images are powerfully linked to our memories and deepest feelings. 

To Learn More 

​My friend and colleague Judy Weiser  the grand dam of the international PhotoTherapy community, teacher, trainer, therapist, and author, hosts the comprehensive up-to-date website on all things PhotoTherapy.

She has written the primary text, PhotoTherapy Techniques,  used by photo therapists around the world and has been translated into several languages. ​​​​

PhotoTherapy & Therapeutic


 ​​​​​Therapeutic Photography

Healing Through Imagery

Anyone, with any kind of camera, can do Therapeutic Photography.

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Most of us already use photography to increase our self-understanding, cherish the people we love, to document our lives, to capture important milestones and victories, to savor beauty, or to come to grips with tragedy and loss.

Therapeutic Photography makes this natural process conscious and intentional.

Therapeutic Photography can be (and is) done by anyone without the help of a trained therapist.

Selfies can be Therapeutic 

Self-Portraiture for Healing


For personal growth.

For identity exploration and repair.

For trauma survivors 

In coping with mental and physical illness


Just look around: Everywhere we see people with their camera phones clicking images of everything possible! We are compelled to photograph our worlds. 

Therapeutic Photography Can

  • Shift Perspectives
  • Alter Visual Memory
  • Increase Adaptability
  • Boost Resilience
  • Heal Self-image
  • Create Flow
  • Release Creativity

Healing Can Be Artful and Fun

  • I work with you create individualized projects.
  • You don't have to be artistic.
  • I guide you through the process.
  • All you need is a simple camera (on your phone) and an open mind. ​​


An International Community

A friend and colleague from Italy and Spain, Cristina Nunez who is a performance artist and trainer conducts self-portrait workshops online and in person.  Have fun exploring her website. Cristina is responsible for my first introduction to the phototherapy community by inviting me to theInternational PhotoTherapy Symposium in Finland in 2011 at the University of Turku.​​​​