I do not accept or bill insurance

(sincere apologies) : (

Thank you for Visiting

Rosemary's Office


  • You pay at time of service: debit, credit.
  • Cash, Check, Visa, MasterCard, Discover & Health Benefit cards. 

Submitting Claims

  • If you choose to submit your claims to your insurance carrier you will designate me as an "out-of-network provider." ​​

Getting Reimbursement

  • I give you insurance-ready billing to send to your insurance company.
  • If they choose to pay anything toward your therapy they will send you a check directly.
  • They will pay a substantially smaller amount than if you see a practitioner that is IN-Network.

If You Rely on Insurance

  • You will be better off seeing someone who takes your insurance as designated provider for your specific carrier. 
  • There are many competent practitioners in the area who do take insurance,


  • 415. Initial 2 hr. Intake
  • 189. Individual 50 min.
  • 415. Couples/Family 2 hr.  

Multi-hour sessions are billed at the rates above. 

Off-site sessions are 

  • 415 for the first hour
  • 189 for subsequent hours
  • Plus Travel