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"What is the key?

In a nutshell: creating and maintaining emotional safety for yourself and others." 

​​​Rosemary Bannon Tyksinski, PhD

In the most comprehensive studies on happiness the research shows that the quality of our relationships trumps everything. 

After nearly 30 years of clinical practice, I find that those who come through my door, no matter what problem they bring, or diagnosis they've received, find that the quality of their relationships are key to healing and fine health. 

In my work as an executive coach I've discovered that all business problems boil down to relationship problems. Solve these and all other business problems can be resolved. 

I've spent a lifetime studying the fine details of interpersonal relationships. More recently (2005-2008)I researched the most troubled and dysfunctional relationships to unlock the key that kept people trapped in relationship misery. 

What is the key? In a nutshell: creating and maintaining emotional safety. 

The most important part of your therapy is your emotional safety in our relationship. Anything that weakens trust or threatens emotional safety is a problem--a problem that is primarily my responsibility to resolve with you. 


PhD Clinical Psychology

MA Clinical Psychology

BA Liberal Arts, Psychology

BCC Nationally Board Certified Coach Executive Coach College

Trauma Studies Certificate at Justice Resource Inst. Boston